Making Connections Grant

Empowering American Indian Men and Boys to a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit


June is Men’s Health Month and the perfect opportunity to share information with American Indian males that empowers them to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Men experience worse longer-term health than women and die on average six years earlier. Three-quarters of suicides are men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. The differences in health and wellness among American Indian/ Alaska Native men compared to American Indian/ Alaska Native women and all other U.S. racial and ethnic groups are extreme. Mental health issues like depression, suicide, and addictions are often the result of hopelessness, anxiety, and despair. These feelings are often linked to trauma in a person’s life or in his family. However, many men were raised to believe that males must always be tough and never show their emotions, especially if they are hurting physically and mentally. What can we do to reverse these trends? Join Jeremy Fields and Susan Gay as they discuss issues pertinent to American Indian males’ mental health and wellbeing.

Susan Gay is the program coordinator for the Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys in the U.S. grant at the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board Tribal Epidemiology Center. The grant is funded by Movember Foundation and coordinated by Prevention Institute.

Jeremy Fields is the founder and director of Thrive.Unltd, a leadership company owned and operated by Native Americans. It is committed to providing innovative, culturally relevant training for Native American communities, that focuses on proactive solutions for mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

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