Jirata Tienphati

Jirata Tienphati was born in the capital city of Thailand called Bangkok. She is currently an intern with the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center. Her main areas of focus are data analysis, interpretation of data and data presentation. Though there are plenty of elephants in Thailand, she could not afford to ride an elephant to school, regrettably, so she took the school bus. Jirata graduated earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from one of the top universities in Thailand. With her journalism major, she shed happy tears for NOT having to deal with “The Math.” After working with a pharmaceutical company as customer service specialist focused on diabetes, she decided to pursue her master’s degree at the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany. Jirata studied communication science and specialized in communication research and strategic communication. This area of study changed her life. She found out that “The Math” is not a monster and she fell in love with research and data analyzing for improving communication. She decided to follow her heart and applied for an internship with the SPTHB where she can work with data.
In her free time, Jirata enjoys a wide range of movies and music. She also enjoys cooking different dishes she has discovered from all over the world. She also enjoys eating them.

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