How do our partners help complete what we do?

Our partners are allies in improving the health and wellness of American Indian people in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Some of our partners work directly with our Indian communities, while others contribute resources in multiple ways to address essential tribal public health needs.

AARP has help fund the Kansas Tribal Summit and also help sponsor the SPTHB public health conference. They also have fantastic programs of their own that align with the mission of SPTHB.

The Indian Health Service has helped fund opportunities to start programs and directly provide services for the tribes. IHS has also cooperated to provide vital data for grants and provide technical assistance for projects.

BCBS has helped fund the Caring Foundation, which has sent the Caring Van out to many communities all over Oklahoma to provide medical services such as screenings, dental cleanings, and educational materials.

The CDC has helped sponsor many SPTHB grants and has also help make health directives into items that can be acted upon. Many programs that have been underwritten by the CDC are currently in use and helping change American health for the better.

OSDH has partnered with SPTHB over many projects that cover a variety of topics including mental health, morbidity and mortality rates among Native Americans, and provide public data that has been used for evidence in many grant proposals.

OU has helped SPTHB with a variety of grants, including but not limited to Good Health and Wellness grant, Health Disparities grant, the CDC grant, and the TEC grant. OU has provided personnel, technical assistance, and other services that are unique to a university.

Other TECs: