our mission

The Southern Plains Tribal Health Board is dedicated to serving the
tribal nations of the Southern Plains by improving health outcomes for American Indians through partnerships advocacy, education, and training.

our vision

Promoting healthy communities, serving
and strengthening all tribal nations.

our approach

We address tribal public health at its core through a multi component system, striving to improve public health issues through three key strategies: PARTNERSHIPS, ADVOCACY, and TRAINING & EDUCATION. We are honored to foster and support all three strategies which come together to provide guidance and resources to our member tribes within Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.


Working closely with our tribal, state, federal, and local partners to help the greater good in American Indian health, advocacy, data collection, and technical assistance.


Servicing as the advocacy piece, our position enables us to give and receive information to change and improve American Indian health policy.

education & training

Helping to build capacity within tribes to address a variety of public health issues.



Working directly with non-profit, big or small, national or local organizations who work directly with the tribes we serve to address their essential needs.


Use authority and pooled resources to do something bigger than just SPTHB could do.


Reach Native Americans that might be missed or overlooked by being with and knowing them personally.


Health policy

Explore hot topics within the arena of American Indian health and health policy and how they affect you.

tribal toolkit

Through the tribal leadership toolkit, we engage and navigate tribal leadership through the process of creating and/or changing policy.


With transparency we communicate our formal stance on American Indian health issues.

education and Training

in-person trainings

Through in-person face to face trainings we help to address grant writing, understanding data, and how to utilize a variety of frameworks, among many training topics.

technical assistance

Through technical assistance (TA) conference calls and web conferencing we provide easily attainable guidance and input on a variety of topics.


Through information dissemination strategies, we can educate a wide variety of tribal community members on an array of public health issues.

come work with us!

 We’re on a mission to positively impact, improve, and strengthen the health and quality of life of our American Indian people.

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