Reconstruction of Positive Indian Male Identity

Training Description: How should Indigenous Male identity be viewed in the U. S.? Given the study of identity typically comes under personality study in western psychology, empirical work on identity of men has typically involved white American male studies. In Gender studies, the emphasis is also on white male identity. This presentation presents a model […]

Warrior Down Recovery Coach Training

The Warrior Down/Recovery Coach training provides the tools needed to prevent relapse and provide recovery support for Native Americans. The Warrior Down/Recovery Coach training will assist attendees in providing support and relapse prevention for Native Americans who are completing treatment, are in recovery, or are reintegrating from incarceration. The program focuses on how Native American […]

Listening to the Voices of Young Indigenous Males about their Health and Wellbeing: Lessons from the Northern Territory, Australia

This presentation will draw on findings from a research project that explored the ways young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males talk about their health and wellbeing. It involved group yarning sessions and an analysis of Facebook data. Challenges in navigating western and cultural worldviews; discussion about social determinants of health; and the importance of […]

Fostering Relational Strengths: The Role of Women in Supporting Men’s Health

This webinar offers a way of looking at and thinking about boys that reflects a feminist, relational framework for understanding people’s lives and experiences. Dr. Chu will begin by highlighting boys’ relational strengths and describing how boys’ gender socialization can lead them to cover up these aspects of their humanity. She will then consider how […]

COVID-19 and Men’s Health

Based on emerging reports and data, COVID-19 seems to be posing a greater threat to men’s health. This webinar will be in the form of a panel discussion where we will explore the impact of COVID-19 on men’s health. Panelists will present on why men are at a higher risk and provide guidance on what […]

Peer Recovery Support: Extending the Hand of Hope

During this webinar, the panelists will discuss the importance of the Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRSS) role in helping those struggling with substance use and mental health issues, their experiences working as a PRSS, and how behavioral health systems can integrate the PRSS positions within their departments. There will be an opportunity for questions from […]

Virtual Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps Training

The Medicine Wheel/12 Steps Training teaches participants how to facilitate a culturally appropriate 12 Step Program for Native communities. About this Event The program draws upon the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Cycle of Life, and the Four Laws of Change. Participants will learn techniques to facilitate healing from addiction and intergenerational trauma. These […]