Patient Portal IHS Personal Health Record Overview

The Indian Health Service Personal Health Record (PHR) can help patients access their health information. Patients can track medications, lab results, contact their health care provider and much more – all from the privacy of their personal computer or mobile device. Any patient within the IHS can register to use the PHR and have access […]

How to Use Social Media for Health Practices

In this session, attendees will learn basic social media skills to help extend reach to their intended audience. Intended Audience Public health admin team, Marketing teams, Communications departments, Community health representatives. Presenter Lexi Hill is a proud member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and a descendent of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Ottawa Little River […]

Using Innovative Technologies to Engage Your Community

How evolving technologies have created opportunities and barriers to effective and accurate public health outreach. What technologies exist now, and what are the pros and cons of each? There are numerous resources. However, each of these resources can create roadblocks to effective communication if used improperly. Learning Objectives Social media Live stream/interactive video content Articles […]

Creating HCV and/or HIV Elimination Plans Part 2

This training will create a framework for participants to establish a strategy to eliminate HCV/HIV in their communities. The training will cover baseline data, universal screening protocols and strategies, linkage to care, treatment as prevention, PrEP, and syringe service programs. This training is VERY interactive and engaging. Learning Objectives Identify relevant data to establish baseline […]

Grant Writing and Grant Management Part 3

The purpose of the training on health proposal development is to provide a resource for individuals in tribal communities who may be in a position to offer proposal development training for tribal staff in health and social services. Learning Objectives List at least 3-4 questions that should be asked about a funding opportunity before making […]

Evaluation 101 An Introduction to SMART Evaluation

An evaluation plan is essential for any program. If a program seems like a long journey, an evaluation plan can be the roadmap that gives it direction and clarifies the steps needed to assess the processes and outcomes of that program. This training will discuss how to develop your own evaluation roadmap and the key […]

Out of the Darkness Community Walk

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark 2 South Mickey Mantle Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Warrior Down/Recovery Coach Virtual Training

Training is virtual on Zoom. Open to public, however, Cheyenne & Arapaho preference will be exercised for this training. Purpose: The Warrior Down/Recovery Coach training provides the tools needed to prevent relapse and provide recovery support for Native Americans. The Warrior Down/Recovery Coach training will assist attendees in providing support and relapse prevention for Native […]

Creating Workplace Domestic Violence Policy

Domestic violence can enter the workplace no matter where it occurs, making workplaces less safe and productive (Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence, n.d.). Join us as we explore workplace policies, engage in hands-on policy building, and review resources aimed to cultivate a supportive workplace response to domestic violence.