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Reconstruction of Positive Indian Male Identity

Course Description

How should Indigenous Male identity be viewed in the U. S.? Given the study of identity typically comes under personality study in western psychology, empirical work on identity of men has typically involved white American male studies. In Gender studies, the emphasis is also on white male identity. This presentation presents a model of American Indian male identity in terms of challenges and risks to adaptation and health. Dr. Byers identifies the parameters that have eroded healthy male gender identity, roles, and behaviors within Indian country. From there, he provides a model of Indigenous Male identity. This model is based in a reclamation process and positive coping and affirming Indian Male Identity as a cornerstone of treatment and healthy identity, family roles, and community connection. Drawing from various marginalized viewpoints and theories, Dr. Byers presents assessments and clinical tools that enhance the exploration of meaningful spiritually and existentially robust identity parameters. He closes with a case study of application of the various modes developed and shared.

Presenter: Dr. Steven Byers




January 13, 2022
December 31, 2023
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