Is the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board IHS?

No, the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board is a 501c 3 non-profit organization independent of Indian Health Services (IHS)

Who do you serve?

We serve the 43 federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas

What does your organization do?

SPTHB provides a variety of services to tribes, Area Health Boards, Tribal organizations, federal agencies, and private foundations, including:


  • Advocacy
  • Policy Formation and Analysis
  • Legislative and Regulatory Tracking
  • Direct and Timely Communication with Tribes
  • Research on Indian Health Issues
  • Program Development and Assessment
  • Training and Technical Assistance Programs
  • Project Management

When are your board meetings?

SPTHB board of director’s meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every quarter.

How do I ensure my donation is spent on the nonprofit’s mission, not overhead?

Understandably donors want to support a nonprofit’s mission, but many don’t understand that incurring administrative costs is not bad – instead, those costs are essential for mission advancement. Nonetheless, when you make a donation to a nonprofit, you can signal intent for that donation to be spent in a particular way. However, the most useful donation is often an unrestricted donation. This will allow the nonprofit to allocate your donation to the area of greatest need. Sometimes applying that donation to an overhead expense (such as a new roof or new computers) can make program delivery more efficient. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a nonprofit before donating to ask how you can direct your donation to make the most impact.

What does TEC mean?

Tribal Epidemiology Center

What does the tribal epidemiology center do?

The tribal epidemiology center is a department with in the SPTHB they provide services like:

  • Research on Indian Health Issues
  • Program Development and Assessment
  • Training and Technical Assistance Programs
  • Project Management

What is Epidemiology?

The branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

How is the TEC and HB supported?

SPTHB and TEC is supported by grants, indirect cost, tribal dues, and donations.

Who makes up the Board of Directors?

A representative and alternate from the 12 service units within the Oklahoma Service Area.  (Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas)

What types of jobs are available at the Health Board or TEC?




Public Health Promotion

Creative Design


What is an Urban Center?

501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation that strives to increase access to quality health care and wellness services and produce positive health care outcomes for urban American Indians living in urban areas

Are contractors of the Indian Health Service to provide culturally sensitive health and wellness services from talented and devoted providers. From pediatric and prenatal care to family medicine, services not only included basic medical care, but also dental, optometry, behavioral health services, fitness, nutrition and other family programs.

What is an I/T/U?

Stands for IHS run facilities, Tribal run facilities, and Urban Clinics

What states do the SPTHB cover?

The SPTHB serves the 43 federally recognized Tribal Nations in Kansas, Oklahoma, & Texas.

How much money has the SPTHB given back to Tribes through grant funding in the past 45 years?

Over our 45 years in existence, the SPTHB/OKTEC has given over $80 Million Dollars in grant funding to our Tribal Nations in KS, OK, & TX.

How much money is the SPTHB giving back to Tribes in grant funding, currently?

The SPTHB/OKTEC is currently giving back$25.6 Million Dollars in grant funding to 37 of the 43 Tribal Nations we serve in KS, OK, & TX.

What is the name of the campaign giving fund the SPTHB has created with Community Health Charities, Limbs for Life, American Diabetes Association, Camp Blue Hawk and the National Alliance on Mental Illness?

American Indian Health Fund

What Services Does the Tribal Epi Center Provide to Tribes

Epidemiological Services

Training/Technical Assistance

Needs Assessment

Survey Assistance

Surveillance &Data Analysis

Curriculum Development

Cultural Awareness Training

Tribal Health Survey Development

Health Assessment Development

Geographic Information System

When was the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board established?

The SPTHB was established in 1972.

When was the Oklahoma City Area TEC established?

By Congressional Mandate, we were established in 2005.

The OK Area Tribal Epidemiology Center works in partnership with who?

We partner with AI/AN Tribes, Tribal & Urban Organizations, IHS, State and Federal agencies, health care organizations, academic institutions, as well as non-profits.

How many Tribal Epidemiology Centers are there nationally?

There are 12 Tribal Epidemiology Centers throughout the U.S.

How many international interns has the OKTEC recruited from around the globe?

The OKTEC has recruited over 20 interns from around the world, working and learning about American Indian Public Health.