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For over 45 years, the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board (SPTHB) has worked hard to support stronger and healthier children, families, and communities in Indian Country. With our longstanding partnerships, development plans, and our growing outreach capabilities, we are working to create sustainable change in our Native communities. The SPTHB oversees a broad range of health programs and services, but also supports any independent groups who’s work aligns with our mission.

expanding our services and reach

We are doubling down our efforts to increase focus and attention to the tribes within our area—Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas—to maximize services available to our tribes and to increase continued provision of grant funding and technical assistance. We are providing a much-increased presence and visibility to the tribes with respect to the national scope, strategies, and outreach.

The SPTHB is now in the planning stages of expanding our reach to include a Tribal Public Health Academy to grow an innovative and productive workforce, by providing internships and professional development opportunities to American Indian youth ages 16-24, through Experiential Education. Look for future announcements and updates as we strive to transition this project operational in 2019.

There are current plans to expand our office facilities to almost double our size to accommodate this surge in services provided. The future is bright as we grow into new endeavors and expanded service and reach, to increase opportunities for the tribes we serve.

The SPTHB Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center (OKTEC) aims to be the most influential and energetic public health advocate of AI/ANs in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Learn More >

Describing the current health status of AI/ANs that reside within each tribal community we serve requires carefully designed and implemented health research. Learn More >

We are working to increase diversification of our grants and funding portfolio to expand and increase our reach. Learn More about our focus areas >

New Programs!

Announcements and updates are coming soon as we strive to bring more collaborative efforts and partnerships in the near future.