Our Goals:

  • Improve the public perception of sexual health through education and emphasize the connection of sexual health to overall health and wellness for the community
  • Promote collaboration and partnerships between our members and community members through professional networking and communication.
  • Promote the importance of awareness, education, and prevention
  • Empower and support health leaders, advocates, and educators as they promote the importance of raising awareness for their community

Our Core Values:

  • Partnerships
    • We value the overall health of our tribal partners.
  • Community Engagement
    • We are servant leaders that listen and provide all the necessary resources for the community.
  • Culture
    • We respect the diverse cultures of our members and the communities we serve.
  • Creativity
    • We are problem solvers for addressing sexual health awareness and education of the communities that we serve.

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Cody “Joshua” Knight
TECHIV Program Manager
Phone: (405) 652-9202
Fax: (405) 652-9205
Email: jknight@spthb.org

Andrea Bryant
Public Health Specialist
Phone: (405) 992-0580
Fax: (405) 652-9205
Email: abryant@spthb.org