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The SPTHB produces a number of informative publications throughout the year to keep donors, grantors, partners, supporters, and staff up to date on news and stories in and around our organization and the tribal public health arena.

We use our publications to talk not only about news relevant to our readers, but about the challenges of hard-facing health disparities in our tribal communities. We share hope and optimism through prevention, advocacy, and awareness. We’ve been through and are going through those challenges, so we can speak simply, honestly, and truthfully about the needs of our American Indian people.

However, as with most Native American families, we do have a funny bone. We love to laugh, joke, and tease, and enjoy sharing the light-hearted, humorous stories of American Indian people.

Welcome to the CHAP Oklahoma City Area Tribal Assessment and Planning Report, an insightful compilation of data and statistics from surveys conducted by the Community Health Aide Program (CHAP) over the past year. This report showcases the program’s successes, challenges, and strategic planning initiatives aimed at enhancing health outcomes within tribal communities across the Oklahoma City area.

This report is a testament to the dedication of CHAP in improving health outcomes through evidence-based practices and community engagement. We invite you to explore this resource and join us in our mission to foster healthier, more resilient tribal communities.

For more information please visit CHAP’s Website. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare for tribal communities in the Oklahoma City area.

The TEC Newsletter is an advocacy, education, and relationship-building platform whose content is designed to positively impact, improve, and strengthen the health and quality of life for all tribal nations and communities.

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The strategic plan we created with our partners will help us to answer pertinent questions related to our growth, as well as set goals and objectives to guide us toward that growth. It also holds us accountable to fulfilling those goals and objectives in a timely manner so we can be better stewards to our tribal nations.